Speech therapy ideas: Things to do with coupons

Here are some speech therapy ideas for things to do with coupons that I sometimes use for elementary, preschool and toddler language development.

The beauty of these speech therapy games and activities is their flexibility and adaptability to many different language goals and needs. They can be used to stimulate early language development and first words, or they can be used to target more advanced expressive language development in older children.

  1. Categorize, compare, and contrast according to:
    • food group
    • whether it comes in a box, can, jar, etc.
    • hot, cold
    • eaten raw or cooked
    • where it is found in the store
    • food vs. non-food items
    • breakfast, lunch, snack, etc.
    • favorite/least favorite
    • color
    • where it is stored at home
    • anything else you can think of!
  2. Plan a menu using coupons. This is good for sequencing (what do we eat first/last?), as well as categorizing according to course, food group, etc.
  3. Make a shopping list (real or pretend). How much does each item cost? How much will you need to take? How much would you need if you didn’t have coupons? Take the list to the store and see how quickly your child can find each item. Hint: help your child categorize items on the list beforehand according to where they are found in the store.
  4. Take turns describing each item. See who can use the most adjectives or name the most attributes about an item (e.g., frozen, yellow, long, salty, made from potatoes, fried, yummy with ketchup, etc.)
  5. Memory/Concentration: Find coupons or pictures of duplicate items (the pictures do not have to be exactly the same). Place the cards face down on the table and take turns turning over two at a time. If they match, you get to keep them; if not, turn them back over. See who gets the most pairs by the end of the game.
  6. Play I Spy. Spread the coupons/pictures on a table and take turns describing an item without naming it.
  7. Talk about why you like or dislike certain foods.
  8. Read all the information on the coupon and talk about what it means (instant, expiration, etc.). This is a good opportunity to emphasize plurals (e.g. 2 for 1, cents, dollars).
  9. Write a story together including items on your coupons. This is a good way to practice past tense -ed and personal pronouns (he, she, they, we, I).
This is not an exhaustive list of speech therapy ideas and language games for home use, but it should be enough to get you started. Have fun!

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