My SiteBuildIt! Success Story

I used SiteBuildIt! to create a profitable, high-traffic web site. You can, too!

I launched in the summer of 2008. The idea for creating a blog or web site had come to me about six months earlier, after a number of telephone conversations and email exchanges with people who were worried about their children's speech or language. While I am always happy to share what I know, I felt like I was repeating myself a lot. One day it occurred to me that there is this thing called the Internet, and that I could post information on it. Then, when people contacted me with questions, I could say, "Hey, I know this great web site ..." As an added bonus, people all over the world could access it any time, even people who don't know me.

I had also heard of bloggers making money, and I liked the idea of a little extra income. As a speech-language pathologist, I am blessed to be working in a profession with good income and great job security. I also love what I do, so I didn't want to quit my day job. Still, looking ahead a few years, I saw my kids needing things like braces and college tuition. Also, I got a late start on my career, and I'm way behind on my investing for retirement, so the idea of extra income definitely appealed to me.

My problem was that I had no idea how to do it. I knew how to surf the web for information and entertainment, but I was clueless when it came to starting a blog or a web site. I'm a language nerd, not a computer nerd. To me, computers are tools. They can be incredibly valuable for delving into language-related stuff, but spending time "under the hood" of a computer is not my idea of a good time. On the other hand, I had plenty of friends and acquaintances with blogs and web sites, and they weren't all computer nerds, so I figured it must be something I could learn how to do.

I started researching the topic, and it looked pretty daunting. There were whole pages of information I didn't understand, sprinkled with terms and acronyms that were foreign to me, like backlinks and SEO and RSS feed. At that point, I almost gave up the idea. I didn't want to bother building a site no one would read, and I didn't feel I had the time to learn what I needed to know to do it right--I was already working full-time, plus trying to complete my Ph.D. degree.

Then I found As soon as I read about SiteBuildIt!, their tool for building a high traffic web site, I knew that this was exactly what I needed--a company dedicated to helping people like me channel their enthusiasm for something other than computer systems into building profitable, high-traffic web sites. The company's founder, Ken Evoy, is that rare combination of someone who is not just really good at something, but also good at explaining to others how to do it. Ken has had tremendous success with his own web-based businesses, and has condensed his know-how into a simple process thousands of people have used to build profitable, high-traffic web sites.

By subscribing to SiteBuildIt! and using Ken's step-by-step action plan, I have avoided years of learning by trial and error and have built a site that is steadily growing in traffic and income. SiteBuildIt! has allowed me to focus my time and energy on doing what I do well (writing about speech and language development) instead of trying to figure out how to get Google to notice me, and probably failing. Shoot, I didn't even have to learn how to write HTML (although if you'd like to learn, SiteBuildIt! has resources that can help you).

The SiteBuildIt! action plan is not a get-rich-quick scheme. If it were, I would not have signed up. I have no time for such things. SiteBuildIt! is a tried-and-true process that can help you design and plan a realistic online business, then execute it effectively. The basic concept for site design is summed up in the acronym C-T-P-M : good Content brings you Traffic, which you Presell with your frank, honest opinion; and only then do you Monetize.

Like me, Ken Evoy dislikes tricks and gimmicks. If you check out, it won't be long before you encounter one of his many rants about people who try to trick Google into sending them traffic. It might work for a while, but Google catches on pretty quickly and then they have to come up with a new trick. For my part, I would rather live in poverty than make a fortune getting people to buy junk they don't want or need. That's just as well, because I'm no good at selling things. I'm not even good at selling stuff I like. Here's how I would sound if I were selling Tupperware (which I do like): "Look, it's Tupperware. It's good. They make quality products that do a good job and last a long time. I use Tupperware. I like Tupperware. If you'd like to buy some, I'll sell it to you. Would you like to buy some?" Needless to say, I have not pursued a career in sales.

The great thing about C-T-P-M is you don't have to do sales. You can write good content about what you know and like, and you don't have to write advertising copy. No tricks, no gimmicks, no hard-sell. You follow the SiteBuildIt! action plan (which is easy to understand), you write about something that interests you, and you watch your traffic, and income, increase.

If you want to, you can join the 5-pillar affiliate program and earn income by referring others to SiteBuildIt! I waited to join the affiliate program until a few years after subscribing to SiteBuildIt!, because I wanted to be able to say that this was a product that worked for me and helped me make money. I can now say that.

Different people get different results using SiteBuildIt!, depending on what sort of niche they target. There are no guarantees in the world of business, but many people who use it and follow the action plan are making good money. Here are a few success stories . My own story is less dramatic than these, but then I haven't gotten very aggressive about monetizing. I like to point out, though, that I launched my site about two months before the stock market crash of 2008; during the ensuing economic recession, my traffic and my income have increased steadily. From November 2009 to November 2010, my site's monthly income more than doubled, and I hardly worked on it at all during that time. At most, I added a few pages. During the same period, my full-time employer gave me a 2% raise.

Here's what I like best about my web site: it runs itself. Depending on what else I have going on, I sometimes go for weeks, even months, without doing any work on it. I don't have to. My traffic keeps growing, and the site keeps making money, even when I'm off doing something else. I can go on vacation, work on my Ph.D., spend time with my family, take care of extra obligations for my day job, or whatever, and when I get back to my site, it's still there, still working. No one is yelling at me, "Where have you been?" Obviously, I have to keep creating content to assure its continued growth and profitability, but there are no deadlines or productivity quotas. I can write when inspiration strikes, and if I need to walk away from it for a while, it's there waiting for me when I get back. Don't try that with your day job!

So: Look, it's Solo Build It!. It's good. They offer a quality service that helps you build a profitable, high-traffic online business. I use it. I like it. If you'd like to learn more, here's a link. Would you like to try it?

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