Product reviews

The "Product Reviews" page is the gateway to my reviews of books, software, DVDs, toys, and other miscellaneous items you can use to stimulate your child's speech and language development.

Behind each of the links below is my review of the product, as well as ordering information. Subscribe to my RSS feed to get notifications of new products featured here.

Super Star Speech

The Big Book of Exclamations

HELP for Word-Finding

Aphasia Tutor from Bungalow Software

Speech Class Rules

SpeechWays home therapy program

Please keep in mind that I am an independent reviewer, not a representative of the publishers, manufacturers, or distributors of the products featured. See my privacy policy. I may receive a commission on purchases you make after clicking through from my site. Also, in some cases, I have received a complimentary review copy of the product. I only choose to review products that I like and feel confident recommending; however, the inclusion of a product on this page does not constitute a guarantee of its effectiveness, or of your satisfaction.

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